The Leaders of FZW


From making important decisions to encouraging teammates, sports captains are known for being a leader. They have authoritative qualities that help them excel in that position. The definition of leadership can be described and interpreted in many different ways, so a captain’s way of being a leader can vary.

“I believe leadership is the influence you have on others to get them to follow you and to positively impact others,” girl’s golf team captain Maggie Krpan said. “A way of exemplifying that is by asking the underclasses if they need help or advice and doing things out of school to help them. Anyone can feel more comfortable and help make their season better because of that.”

Their impact on the team is a key factor in being a leader. The way one carries themselves in and out of that activity will show on the team.

“Being the example people want to follow is leadership,” dance team captain Sydney Ivie said. “By giving my best on and off the floor, leading by example and committing my team to being the best that we can be.”

These captains plan to help lead their team to many victories, and with their magnificent qualities, the season’s outcome will hope to be great. Be sure to follow each sport to see what each and every one of them bring to the table.