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Chloe Miller

The superhero of the ACT, Matthew Armstrong, celebrates his perfect score.

Perfect ACT Powers

The ACT is like an evil supervillain that is hard to beat, but one student demolished the test.

The ACT is a test juniors and seniors dread to take. The four hours spent on timed sections of questions is mind-boggling. However, to one student, the ACT was a breeze. Senior Matthew Armstrong got a perfect score of 36 on his final ACT.

“It took a little bit to set in what I actually just done, but it was super cool when I found out,” Armstrong said. “I didn’t think I was actually going to get it. I was preparing myself to see a 35 or a 34. I saw a 36 and I was so happy.”

Armstrong’s name has been announced a multitude of times on the intercom. Students listening in may wonder what it took to get such a great score.

“You [have to] know everything on the ACT if you want to get a 36 but make sure you have all the basis on the topics,” Armstrong said. “The one I took definitely felt easier then some of them, but during the test, you never know if it’s suspiciously easy.”

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