Joey Hamill


Photo provided by Joseph Hamill

Junior Joseph Hamill doing a kickflip at Westhoff skate park while wearing his go-to outfit.

Adopting his own style based on the popular skater aesthetic, junior Joseph Hamill has drawn eyes this year with his new wardrobe aesthetic.

“My friends dressed the way I do now and I always found that style super sick, so I decided to try it out,” Hamill said. “I’ve always wanted to dress how I do now, but it was just a huge adjustment at the time. Now, it’s probably the best style out there for me because it’s so different and something that I actually like.”

Hamill can often be seen wearing a crewneck with baggy pants and Air Force 1s. He likes to accessorize with various bracelets, necklaces and oftentimes wears beanies to match his outfits. His confidence does not come at a price either, as many of his closet items were bought second hand at low prices.

“I develop my style by going thrifting every day and getting [pieces] that stand out to me,” Hamill said. “I go with my friends and have fun with it.”

Finding his style was not all that easy for him, however. It took time, patience and a little bit of confidence to solidify his new aesthetic.

“At first my style was out of my comfort zone, but my sister said to me, ‘who cares what people think,’ and that just boosted my confidence,” Hamill said.