From O’Town to Broadway

Jack Nichols and his theatrical journey


Provided by Jack Nichols

Senior Jack Nichols performing in Little Women.

Senior Jack Nichols has been partaking in theatre productions since middle school, and he plans to continue pursuing theatre professionally after high school. From Drama Club shows to Youth People’s Theatre (YPT) productions at St. Charles Community College, Nichols has done it all, and can not wait to do even more on a professional level.

Nichols started his theatre career in middle school with their production of “Annie,” and the rest is history. Nichols has performed in numerous shows since\; in and outside of school. Some of his favorites include Newsies, put on by YPT, and the Drama Club’s 2019 production of Into The Woods.

“Jack from Into The Woods has to be my favorite role I’ve played,” Nichols said. “I just connected to the character so much and had a blast playing him.”

Nichols has enjoyed his time participating in high school theatre, but as a senior in high school, he is ready to move on to bigger and better experiences. Once he graduates, he plans on pursuing musical theatre professionally.

“I’m planning on moving to a bigger theater city like NYC and training at places like the Broadway Dance Center and the HB Actors studio,” Nichols said. “I’m not committed to anything because there’s just so many options, but whatever I end up doing, I’m ready to try and pursue theater professionally.”

Provided by Jack Nichols
Senior Jack Nichols performing as Jack in Into The Woods