Powerful Princess

Mulan is the greatest Disney princess

An original character design of Fa Mulan.

Illustrated by Chen Yi Chang, flickr.com

An original character design of Fa Mulan.

Fa Mulan, the best Disney princess, is not just an icon for young girls to look up to but an inspiration to all. To start, she saved her father from going into a war that he most certainly would have died in. Also, she saved the entirety of China from the Huns alongside her dragon, Mushu, who is the most interesting animal sidekick. Mulan is the best and most influential Disney princess because she protected her family as well as all of China and is just a good person in general.

Firstly, Mulan has the most intriguing and comedic animal companion. Mulan, being a woman, could not join the military, so she cut her hair and made herself look like a man just so that she could take her fathers place. When Mulan left, the family’s ancestors sent her a dragon, Mushu, to protect her. There are no other Disney princesses that have their own dragon. While Mushu was not the biggest or strongest dragon that she could have had, he was still a dragon, which is much more interesting than a normal animal, like Cinderella’s mice or Ariel’s fish Flounder.

In addition, her bravery for taking her father’s place is immense. And even once it had been brought to light that she was a woman and she was exiled, Mulan went back and tried to inform the army that Shan-Yu was still alive and that the remaining Huns were coming back to kill the Emperor. No one would listen to her, but she persisted, and eventually they listened.

Some may argue that Merida, from “Brave,” is the strongest or the best Disney princess because she had to fight against her father to make sure her mother could turn back from a bear to a human. This is a valid argument, but it pales in comparison to saving the entirety of China from being overtaken by the Huns. Furthermore, Mulan went head-to-head with Shan-Yu twice and won.

Also, Mulan is just an exceptionally good person. For example, at the beginning of the movie she helps a little girl, who is being picked on by two boys, get her doll back. Additionally, when her father gets the notice of his military service, she tries to go to his aid so that he doesn’t have to serve. While doing this, instead of being helpful she is dishonoring her family without even realizing it because when abiding by old Chinese standards she should be quiet and polite, not outspoken and strong. But she broke gender role standards and is an amazing heroine to look up to for young people.

Mulan is a role model to many little girls everywhere because she can show them that they have a voice and the ability to make a difference. While she originally brought dishonor to her family, eventually she was seen as a hero. Mulan is truly the best Disney princess because she breaks barriers while being kind and brave.