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The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School

The Solitaire

The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School

The Solitaire

Psychological Interests

What hobbies say about you
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People enjoy all sorts of hobbies.

The hobbies you enjoy can reveal a lot about who you are as a person, such as personality type, mindset and self-identity. Whether it is sports, reading, writing, cooking, traveling or anything along those lines, all interests have a meaning, according to

People who enjoy playing sports or engaging in physical activity are said to be self-disciplined, motivated, competitive, resilient, open to correction and able to manage stress. Athletes are usually described as having aggressive and confident personalities due to the constant seeking of action or adventure, according to

“If I had to describe my personality when it comes to volleyball, I’d say I’m motivated because I always want to do better and help my teammates to do the same, but you can’t do that with a bad attitude,” sophomore Alissa Crabtree said. “I always have to stay positive and be willing to move past a mistake.”

Individuals who enjoy reading are said to be highly empathetic, emotionally stable, expressive, self-aware, imaginative, knowledgeable and creative thinkers. Research shows that people who read, fall along the lines of empathetic people because reading books broadens people’s understanding of other points of view, according to

“Reading just makes me forget about my responsibilities and I can focus on someone else’s life instead of my own,” sophomore Tessa Vasquez said. “I would say that I am a highly empathetic person because I’ve been told a lot that I’m a great listener and give good advice.”

People who enjoy baking are said to be detail-oriented, observant, attentive to detail, intuitive, able to work under pressure and able to multitask. Cooks and bakers are said to make decisions fast, solve problems well in difficult situations and use what they are given to create something complex, according to

“I like baking because I like feeling accomplished and proud of the food I made,” junior Kaylie Morgan said. “I would say I’m observant because I tend to notice the small things throughout my day and changes in people’s moods, appearances, actions and other things that most people don’t tend to notice.”

Photographers or people who find photography fun are said to be artistic, imaginative, detail-oriented, flexible, patient, self-motivated, passionate and ambitious. Photographers tend to have vibrant personalities, while also having a thoughtful, creative and sensitive side to them, according to

“I like photography because I get to show my creativity and I am able to express myself through photography,” freshman Aubrey Bernstein said. “I would say I’m ambitious because I have a lot of goals, and even though many may be big or seem unattainable, I still set them in the hopes of one day achieving them.”

The hobby of building robots or computers is robotic engineering. People that are interested in robotics and computer building are said to be creative, reliable, critical thinkers, independent and problem solvers. They tend to be quite inquisitive and curious people who like spending time alone with their thoughts or dedicating their time to a hands-on project to keep themselves busy, according to

“I’ve learned skills through robotics that I wouldn’t be able to learn anywhere else in the school,” senior Drew Wachsnicht said. “I would say I’m a problem solver because we do a test about once a week where we have to solve anything that goes wrong during the tests and this has caused me to become very good at solving problems.”

Last but not least, there is singing. People who are passionate about or interested in singing are said to be confident, hard-working, productive, modest, resilient and creative, according to

In order to survive in this industry, you have to have focus, energy, will and dedication to bring to the world something of your own. However, these points still stand even if singing or music is just a passionate hobby for you, according to

“When I sing, I forget about everything else and I get to take a break from my very stressful life while also having a way to connect with people using singing, which is like a language everyone can understand,” senior Autumn Beck said. “I think I’m hard-working because I always want to push myself to my best abilities, and for that, I need to be hard-working.”

Each and every person is different, but it is psychologically proven that you can find out so much about a person based on their interests and hobbies. These characteristics can also be crucial to be able to succeed or thrive in turning a hobby into a profession.