Jessie Deane

A modern take on alternative style


Provided by Jessie Deane

Deane playfully poses for pictures for social media.

As junior Jessie Deane walks down the hall, she radiates positivity and poise. Through fashion, Deane visually embodies her personality and confidence, making her stand out in the crowd.

“I like [fashion] because I can really express my personality and myself in general,” Deane said. “I think of myself as pretty outgoing, so I try not to wear a lot of what I see other people wearing because I like to stand out.”

Heavily influenced by TikTok and the modern alternative aesthetic, Deane’s style is a combination of her favorite trends and her character.

“My favorite trends are definitely baggy oversized jeans, bodysuits and oversized shirts,” Deane said. “I tend to wear different styles and follow different trends depending on how I’m feeling.”

Some of Deane’s favorite outfits are a combination of bright contrasting colors, current trends and proper accessories.

“I like my burgundy pants and a black long sleeve off the shoulder shirt and I like my distressed jeans with a yellow cropped tank,” Deane said. “I like silver jewelry over anything else.”