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Junior Molly Mayfield values the time she gets to spend with her family and the memories they make together.

Molly Mayfield

Junior Molly Mayfield values the time she gets to spend with her family and the memories they make together.

Everyone Has a Story

Every person has their own life story and something that makes them special, junior Molly Mayfield is just one.

The CBS broadcasted show ‘Everybody Has A Story’, ran from 1998 to 2004. With over 100 people interviewed by the end of the series, the show was a major success. At the beginning of each episode, a dart is randomly thrown at a map of the United States. The host and crew would travel to the chosen city and call a random number in the local white pages. Whoever answered the call, would be the lucky person they would interview.

Following the show’s premise, a member of the Solitaire picked a student at random and chose junior Molly Mayfield. Mayfield is just like any other girl: she has friends, ambitions and a favorite TV show. Yet a side of her not seen every day is her complete belief in family.

“I feel our connection as a family is unique,” Mayfield said. “Our family is so close and we all love spending time and doing things together.”

They have always been closer than other families she or her friends have seen and feels lucky because of their relationship.

“Sibling wise, they get along very well,” junior Gwen McGuire said. “In a lot of other families, I see siblings arguing all the time. I go on vacation with them sometimes in the summer and the way that Molly’s always trying to do things for her siblings like drive them around and take care of them is amazing.”

Even with their busy schedules, the Mayfield’s always make time for each other during the week. They do their best to make their conflicting lives fit so that they can see each other as often as they possibly can.

“[We] always eat dinner as a family,” Mayfield said. “This is the time of day when we tell each other a lot. Whether it be what happened today or just any random stuff we think about. We also all go to each other’s sports events or we love going on vacation.”

As graduation approaches, the main focus is on the ever-exciting thrill of independence.

“They forget that it’s okay to lean on your family when going through tough times, because as you grow up things are hard, and sometimes you just need your family,” Mayfield said. “When all you’re friends are busy and you need someone to spend time with your going to want your family. So it’s important to stay connected and not drift away from the people who are always going to be there for you.”

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