Vinyl Revival

A look into Jackson Loughridge and his amazing vinyl creations.

With his creative interests and abilities, freshman Jackson Loughridge has found his own unique way to produce income by making bowls out of vinyl records. Loughridge makes a number of personal crafts, but this one combines his interests with his capabilities. Despite the many works he has made, this is his first time selling his creations.

“I take old junk records, put them on top of a bowl in the oven, and then it starts melting down,” Loughridge said. “Then I push it down into the bowl, and do any further molding by myself.”

Teachers and students alike have purchased these pieces throughout the past few months, and they are impressed. The price depends on how well-known the artist on the record is, but they range from $5 to $15.

“I bought one, and I use it for my guitar picks,” senior Kaleb Mylenbusch said. “He seems to have a lot of confidence in what he does, and I thought I’d support him because I think it’s a super cool idea.”

Loughridge plans to take this idea and use it as a source of extra money throughout high school. Whether the bowl is used for decor or practical reasons, it is certainly a creative investment.