Divine Application

Lizzie Ostrem’s jewelry business channels her creativity


Lizzie Ostrem

Lizzie creates necklaces and bracelets using a metal stamping method.

With creativity and passion for starting her own occupation, senior Elizabeth Ostrem started Divine Creations, a Christian based jewelry business that specializes in stamped necklaces and stamped bracelets. Her products are inspired by her faith and desire to spread love and kindness to others.

“I’ve definitely deepened my relationship with God and I’ve always been interested in creating a business,” Ostrem said. “I thought why not mix those two things together. I’ve always loved jewelry and thought the best thing to market was jewelry for those who want it.”

Ostrem sells pre-made stamped necklaces and custom stamped necklaces starting from $14, according to the Divine Creations instagram account.

“I buy necklace blanks which are just the metals and then I have a stamp kit which I then take the individual number or letter and take a hammer and place the stamp on the blank metal and stamp it down so it imprints the design,” Ostrem said. “Then I get the chain and the clasps to assemble it from there. I like to make sure it looks nice and presentable.”

Divine Creations has already been a big success. The Divine Creations instagram account @divinecreation_byliz has already surpassed 150 followers in the first week of opening.

“I’ve made probably 20 plus sales so far,” Ostrem said. “I’m very fortunate to be able to market my items on social media and have my mom [to help]. She is big on helping me out with tips and tricks of marketing.”

While being Christain based, Ostrem’s necklaces are still targeted to the everyday person.

“I wanted to incorporate not just Biblical terms on [the necklaces] because I know not everyone is religious,” Ostrem said. “ I wanted to give [the customers] the chance to still buy something, if interested.”

Although it was hard to find inspiration at first, Ostrem has mastered the craft of creating a small business.

“Believe in yourself and have fun with it,” Ostrem said. “It’s obviously just a small business to start out with. [It’s great] to learn for future jobs how to work on your own and [channel your] creativeness. Always be a hard worker and it will pay off. You can do anything that you want to do.”