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Why Historical Fiction is the best fiction


Rheanne Helsel

Photo of the Book Thief Cover

Historical fiction is defined as any type of media or literature that takes place in the past and creatively retells historical events or people, according to dictionary.com. This type of fiction is by far the most appealing type of fiction out there because it is one of the most accessible kinds of fiction, it allows people to better understand history and it has interesting stories.

Historical fiction is hiding everywhere. It is sadly overshadowed by other genre topics, such as science fiction or fantasy because they are more recognizable, but historical fiction is in a lot of stories you might not expect. Based on the definition of fiction, many movies and shows can be seen as historical fiction. One example is the “Star Wars” franchise. It hints at events and groups from the past, such as the link between Nazis and stormtroopers, according to history.com. Memorable stories like “Star Wars” have historical fiction as a hidden subgenre. Having so many hidden stories that are also historical fiction means that there are many choices for people to watch or read, all of which are entertaining thanks to the numerous ways to rewrite history.

While the stories are made up, historical fiction deals with topics from the past. These stories allow for you to make connections to characters that have to go through these events, which can allow for a better understanding of the topics. One example of this is in the play “The Diary of Anne Frank,” which was based off of the autobiography “The Diary of a Young Girl.” This play allows for the audience to connect to the characters and understand just how harmful the Holocaust was for people of Jewish faith.

“Historical fiction is really interesting,” sophomore Kylie Pohl said. “I like ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ because it was taken from the perspective of someone in the Holocaust. The perspective made the event seem more interesting to me and I learned more about the Holocaust from it.”

Some people struggle to like historical fiction because they claim it is boring and does not have any story behind it. This is not true. There are many widely liked stories that are historical fiction, such as “The Book Thief,” which was loved by 94% of Google readers. Another story that is beloved is “Les Misérables,” which has an entertaining storyline and is rated 7.5/10, according to imdb.com.

All in all, historical fiction is widely diverse. It has enjoyable and engaging stories, aids in teaching history to people and it is found everywhere. That is why historical fiction is truly the most noteworthy type of fiction.