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The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School

The Solitaire

The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School

The Solitaire

Top Choices for Players

Q&A with gaming club participants about their passion
Senior Cristiano Artigas, the president of the gaming club.

Meeting on Thursdays, the gaming club plays a multitude of games. Club president and senior Cristiano Artigas, senior Abbigale Bonney and freshman Nakoma Swan share their thoughts on the games they play.

Q: What is your favorite game?

Artigas: “Dragon Quest 3,” for its beautiful score and simplistic battle design as well as its creative and varying array of characters.

Bonney: That’s a hard one because I’ve played so many games. The game that was my favorite game just had its server shut down—“Knockout City”—and it was made by Electronic Arts [(EA)]. It was a dodgeball game; you got to [hit] people with dodgeballs, and you could curl up and become a ball. I would play that nonstop during the summer.

Swan: “Animal Crossing.” I like decorating the room and the different tasks can keep me occupied.

Q: What kind of games do you like to play?

Artigas: I like any game. I’m not a particularly specific person when it comes to games. I like my story games. I like my shooting games. I like my [role playing] games. I like pretty much any sort of game.

Bonney: [Games like] “Minecraft.” Sometimes dating games are very fun to play. I’m warming up to third person shooters.

Swan: Open world, action and sometimes puzzle games, like mysteries and escape rooms.

Q: What are your favorite kind of games?

Artigas: I think I have to go with [role playing games]. They usually have the most in-depth story and tend to be more interesting in its plot. I like games with good stories.

Bonney: Mainly any creative games, say, “Minecraft.”

Swan: Ones [where] you have free roam or you can go to different spaces, because you get to explore more [and] you can notice many different things.

Q: If you could recommend one game to somebody, what would it be?

Artigas: I feel like that’s difficult to choose, because there are so many games out there that are great. If I had to choose a game for someone that has never played a video game in their life, I would choose the original “Super Mario” for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Bonney: The game I would recommend is “Bloons TD 6,” because it’s a fun tower defense game, and you get to meet a small community of people that play in this school.

Swan: The game I would recommend is “Genshin Impact” because it is free to roam and the storyline is very detailed. The game has stories for specific characters, which is another factor I like about it. I [also] like the character designs.