Long vs Short Hair

What hair style to have can be a difficult choice. There is a decision to make between short and long hair.


From French twists to afros and all the looks in between, hairstyles are constantly evolving. Recently, short hair has been all the rage as people such as Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift have cut their hair. This new trend leaves students to decide whether to grow their hair out or to follow the trend.

Long Hair

A primary advantage of having long hair is that it allows for many more styles, as it can be worn up or down. For those who like to experiment with hairstyles and try new things, having long hair can allow them to practice up-dos for both everyday and formal occasions.

“There were a lot of styles I could do with long hair, and as someone who loves braiding hair, my hair was super easy to practice on,” senior Terra Stevens said.

Along with updos, long hair can also be worn down in many different styles. Whether it be curls, waves or pin-straight hair, long hair will allow a person to do whatever they please.

“I like my long my hair because you can definitely do more with it,” freshman Ryen Tindall said. “I like to curl my hair whenever I can because I can show off how much hair I have and how thick it is.”

Besides being able to do more with it style-wise, long hair can have a big impact not just on the person who wears it, but the person who may receive it. Long hair can be donated to help make wigs for people who have lost their own hair due to medical reasons. Those who donate their hair do not just get a new ‘do, they also get the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in the world.

Short Hair

On the other hand, some love short hair. Cutting hair to rid it of split ends and damage can completely change it for the better. When hair gets to a certain length, it begins to look and feel unhealthy. Getting a haircut can help to return it back to its healthy state. Shorter hair can also save time on rushed mornings because of its easy maintenance.

“My short hair is easier to maintain, [because] I don’t have to do anything to my hair,” freshman Grace Marino said. “It also keeps me cool and I don’t have to tie it back for sports.”

Improving the quality of both the hair and early mornings is not the only perk of having a shorter ‘do. Short hair is also not as heavy on someone’s head as long hair would be, which can help someone to not feel as if hair is weighing them down.

[Short hair] is so much easier to run with,” Stevens said. “It’s so much lighter now and I can put it up into a bun and it doesn’t hurt my head as much.”

Despite what anyone may say, the choice of whether hair should be grown out or cut short is simply up to the individual. At the end of the day, confidence is key, and hair should help to boost that self-confidence.