First Day Fashion

The first day of school is a day where many students dress to impress. Here is the story of a few student’s styles.

Hearts are pounding, minds are racing, and nerves are going crazy. For students in every grade, the beginning of the school year is an important time to reintroduce themselves. New clothes or style is one of the most common way these changes are made.

“I wanted to look stylish and make an good impression on my first day,” senior Rouzi Warrad said. “This year [my style] is somewhere between chic and retro. I went shopping over the summer and I put together my outfits the night before.”

Special time is set aside to plan specific outfits or looks. Students meet many new people when returning to school and that can cause them to want to show off who they are.

“I wanted to make a statement on my first day back to really show who I am,” sophomore Ivanna Febus said. “I spend a lot of time planning out what I want to wear most days especially for the first few days of school. I like getting fancy clothes so those days when I do throw something on I still look good.”