What is in Your Backpack?

Backpacks are used differently, either for organization or style. But everyone had a need for them.

Whether it is walking through hallways, to school or home from school, backpacks are every student’s companion during their school day. Backpacks can also be a burden because of their heavy textbooks and other school belongings. However, they are a staple in a student’s day-to-day life. Some use backpacks as mere transportation for textbooks and papers while others take advantage of them as a tool for organization.

Riley Mooney is a sophomore with quite a bit on her plate. She is in Drama Club and Speech and Debate. On top of that, Mooney takes four weighted courses.

“I strive but I don’t often achieve [being organized],” Mooney said.

Despite what she may think, Mooney may be underestimating herself. Her backpack is filled to the brim with anything and everything that can accommodate her busy course schedule.

“I have a homework folder to put all of my homework in and every class has either a notebook or a binder and folder,” Mooney said.

Junior Conrad Powell takes two AP classes along with choir and acting. He also focuses on some theater organizations outside of school. With these responsibilities, it is important to him that his backpack has the necessary setup for success.

“I’ve actually made efforts this year to be more organized,” Powell said. “I’ve actually bought a planner.”

With this, Powell can easily manage his schedule in school and outside of school. In relation to this year’s change in ‘B’ and ‘C’ days, he has prepared school supplies in his backpack to emphasize his organization with this change.

“This year I’ve done two binders,” Powell said. “One is a ‘B’ day binder and one is a ‘C’ day binder and on ‘A’ days I use both of them.”

Trenton Foster is a senior with three AP classes in his schedule. Outside of school, Foster is in Jazz Band, has a job and plans to join the tennis team. In his school day, organization is admittedly not his strong suit.

“Sometimes I kinda throw paper in the backpack and that’s why one of my syllabuses still hasn’t gotten signed,” Foster said.

However, his handy North Face backpack allows him to carry his personal laptop to school. This piece of technology is crucial to his school day as well as his backpack setup.

“It helps me bring my Macbook back and forth to school and now that I have that, I don’t need to use half the other supplies in my backpack because it can be done on my Macbook,” Foster said.

All students have their own unique ways of structuring their schooling. Whether students use a planner, labeled binders and folders or a laptop, they will all have a different method to support their lives as students. No matter the situation, the backpack will always be there for a student to organize and express themselves.