Eco-Friendly Make-up

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Joelle Aaron

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Joelle Aaron

There are inexpensive brands that are eco friendly and accessible to everyone.

Daily makeup routines are different for everyone, some people will put on a full face of the most expensive products while others may choose to be completely makeup free. Either way, it is important to note how makeup companies are creating their products. Some companies test on animals before selling the product, while others take pride in being eco-friendly and cruelty free. These days, it seems that the vegan, eco-friendly brands have been getting more attention and are more of a trend than they have been in previous years, and the environment is benefiting from it.

Using eco-friendly makeup may sound like a high maintenance, expensive way of living, but these brands and their prices actually start in the drugstores. Brands such as NYX, Wet’N’Wild, Physicians Formula, Burts Bees and E.L.F are all cruelty free brands that can be found in local drugstores. Aside from being eco-friendly, these brands are also known for their cheap prices and good quality.

“I feel like eco-friendly makeup is important because natural products are better for your body and the environment,” senior Sabrina Patterson said. “There are a lot of harsh chemicals in many products that can even cause cancer, and although I don’t eat all healthy and organic, I am definitely careful about what I put on my skin.”

The beauty industry is making sure to do as much as possible to keep their products wearable while still being safe for for the environment. According to, these brands are using recycled packaging, banning micro beads and using renewable energy all in an effort to aid the environment.

“More people should be investing in eco friendly makeup,” junior Jack Nichols said. “Companies make their products off of what is being demanded, and if people are buying and demanding eco friendly products, companies will make more of them, helping our environment in the process.”
Many people are hopping on the bandwagon of using eco-friendly makeup. This bandwagon is a step towards a more environmentally conscious world that can take place in everyday life. Great amounts of makeup are made that people use and throw away daily, so if most of it was eco-friendly, the environment would benefit in many ways.