Sunburn Care

In high temperatures, shorts and t-shirts are suitable for hot weather. Although basking in the sun is a summer must, the sun takes a toll on the skin when spending too many hours outdoors, one must take precautions.

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Sunscreen is vital when it comes to preventing sunburns. The higher the SPF, (sun protection factor) the longer it will protect you from the sun’s UV rays, which can help prevent sunburns. There are various types of sunscreen brands that come in sprays, lotions and gels. Before heading outside apply sunscreen, most products provide a recommended reapplication directions.


“Always wear sunscreen, preventative is always better,” school nurse Cristina Armour said. “The higher SPF, the better, but 30 to 50 [SPF] should be at least your minimum.”  



Cool showers and baths can help relieve the pain and irritation of sunburns. There are different treatments that help sunburns, like oatmeal baths. The oatmeal helps with itchiness and peeling of the skin, and it reduces the redness due to the sunburn. Avoid using soaps that include perfumes as they can make the sunburn worse, according to


Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a natural toner that has anti-irritation properties that soothe the skin and relieve irritation and burning. The extract can be bought in stores like Target and Walmart. Different brands add extra scents that do not have effects on the skin. Try to purchase one that is alcohol-free because extra alcohol can cause irritation.

Aloe vera

Not only can aloe be used as a decorative succulent, it can be used for aiding sunburns. Since aloe vera moisturizes the skin, it will reduce peeling and itching, according to Aloe can either be bought in stores like Walgreens in its gel form or extracted straight from the plant. Simply cut off a chunk of the plant and slice it down the middle so the aloe gel is exposed and rub it straight on the affected area, apply as needed.



Stay hydrated, burns remove liquids from the rest of the body to the skin which leads to dehydration. Drinking water will replenish electrolytes and will keep the body moisturized. Maintaining hydrated makes the healing process faster all, according to