Spring Color Palette

March 9, 2018

As the warm weather rolls in, a new color palette is on the rise. Picnics in the park, floral dresses, sandals and allergies are all signs that indicate spring. It is the time for shades of yellow, pink and anything pastel to arrive and brighten up the Earth after a long dull winter.

Every year Pantone, a company that deals with color for fabric, paint and plastic industries, releases a series of color palettes for the season. The 2017 Spring color palette includes a variety of colors that walked on a range of runways across the world. A few of those colors were primrose yellow, flame, kale and lapis blue. The palette incorporated a vast range of shades from creamy pastels to bright colors. The 2016 spring collection included pastels and neutral colors such as iced coffee, buttercup and serenity, according to pantone.com.

“I really like the pale yellows, pinks and greens,” sophomore Sarah Sandberg said. “I love the way they work so well together.”

As for 2018, the color palette has not been released yet. The predicted color palette has a large mixture of colors that are similar to the colors featured in the previous two years. A majority of bright colors or pastels work well when planning what to wear during the spring. It is rumored colors like little boy blue, almost mauve, blooming dahlia and meadowlark will be trending colors this spring. The runways of cities like New York City and Tokyo will likely sport every color within this spectrum.

“The Spring 2018 palette encourages a sense of fun and playful release,” Vice President of Pantone Laurie Pressman said. “With an air of complexity and distinctiveness, we find ourselves in a sanctuary of color that is ideal for some more unique and dramatic color mixing.”

Designing a color palette that matches a certain style can be tricky. As creamy yellows, bright blues, fiery oranges and fluorescent pinks sprout throughout nature, match clothing articles to what surrounds you to make certain colors pop. For example, match darker colors with small touches of brighter colors to make those shades pop. Not only will the colors complement each other, but the new colors spring offers.

Neutral colors like browns, tans and terracotta are also options for the springtime. They are not as bright or flashy, but will still give the softer spring feel when it comes to styling. Adding neutral colors can make bold colors stand out.

Spring colors not only applies to clothing, but to small details like makeup, nails, jewelry and shoes. Tiny details like these can add splashes of color that can bring the whole outfit together. This spring, adventure with different color palettes to attain the perfect color combinations to complete your look.

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