Staying Healthy Over Summer

It is not as hard to stay healthy over summer as it seems. Here are a few easy steps to take to feel as good as possible.

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Joelle Aaron

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As summer comes and goes, many are worrying about their physical appearance, or their so-called, “beach body.” People are starting diets, going on cleanses and exercising like they never have before to look how they want for the hot and humid season. While there are many theories and ideas about the best way to lose weight, the main idea is to just be healthy. Some tips and tricks to help aid in feeling good and fit for the summer include:


Drinking water is one of the most important roles in being healthy. It cleanses toxins out of the body, increases energy while relieving fatigue and improves skin complexion, according to Avoiding sugary sodas or teas this summer and choosing H2O instead could change a life for the better.

“Hydration is probably one of the most important parts of anybody’s life, but especially mine,” senior Cameron Sakuma said. “As an athlete, if I don’t hydrate, my performance level is extremely low. So water, fruits, Gatorade, it all fits into my daily routine.”

Go on walks

Most people feel the need to get some exercise in but do not want to go through the stress of a gym filled with too many people doing intense exercises. A good alternative would be to finding a park with trails like Castlewood State Park or Klondike Park and walking with some friends or even alone. According to, walking can help improve moods, maintain a healthy weight and prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D

Going hand in hand with the idea of walking or hiking, getting outside for some sun can make a big difference in health. Vitamin D is known to reduce depression, boost the weight loss process and reduce the risk of diseases like multiple sclerosis, according to So whether it is laying out to sunbathe for 30 minutes or going on a two mile hike in the woods, make sure to get outside for some sun this summer.

“Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium and walking helps to strengthen your bones, and both can be done outside,” junior Abby Dreyer said. “Being outside and walking can help with everything, from getting the vitamins you need to building your bones when walking.”

A healthy and balanced meal

Food is one of the topics a lot of teenagers and adults struggle with in today’s day and age, especially with all of the fast food chains growing around the area. While it is tempting to stop and pick up a number two from McDonald’s on the way home from work, if trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, that is not the way to go. Studies show that the best diet to have consist of eating five times a day, consisting of three healthy meals and a few snacks. Including all food groups in the meals and keeping an eye on portions can be the start of a much more balanced diet, according to

Keeping all of these things in mind can help one stay fit and feel more confident in times of insecurity this summer.