Style Fails

Throughout seniors’ four years of high school, they have taken notice of different trends. A few seniors shared their personal views on some styles that have been faded out throughout the years.

Printed Leggings


Friday night football games are all about bringing the school together as a whole. They are also good for displaying an array of different styles and trends. As senior Alexa Boyette remembered the last few years of her high school experiments, she recalled all the festive outfits students wore.

“[I used to wear] printed cheetah leggings to games,” Boyette said. “I think this trend became a fail because of how popular and over worn they were”.

Saggy Pants


Sweatpants, joggers and pajama pants are types of pants that students wear to stay comfortable at school. 2015 was the year that the saggy pants trend started.

“The saggy pants became a fail when boys took it too far once you could see their underwear,” senior Jake Vershore said.



 Making a stomping statement to the fashion world are crocs. The shoe had worn out in the early 2000s.

“I think crocs are a fail because they came in style and by the time everyone bought them they were already out of style,” senior Jordan Demand said.

Clout Goggles


The display of simple shapes and colors on the new Clout goggles try to make a futuristic feel. Though others liked the design, Blake Bantle had to disagree.

“Cheap plastic and round shape is unappealing,” Bantle said. “The term clout goggles is not too nice either”.