Pre-College Essentials

Before taking the step out into the real world, there are some helpful tips that every senior needs to know.

Collecting some helpful items can make the transition between high school and college easier.

Carly Fonseca

Collecting some helpful items can make the transition between high school and college easier.

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ome young adults are expected to juggle having bills, jobs and extracurricular activities. This coming fall, most seniors will start leaving home and begin a life of their own and with a plethora of adult realities. To ease the struggle, there are a few skills that will help those who are transitioning out of high school.


Now is the perfect time to prepare for a life of independence. Start learning the basics, such as cooking and cleaning. Being able to prepare meals is crucial when living alone. On average, only one in three college students know how to boil an egg, according to Taking it slow by starting with simple meals will be healthier and more cost-friendly than eating fast food.

“[You] have to learn to be responsible enough to cook your own food and to continuously be able to provide meals for yourself, so I am not always eating out and spending money that I could be using on other things [instead of] on food,” senior Jimmy Flavin said.


Maintaining organization can help out in the long run. Color coding using folders, planners, pens and notebooks are a great way to keep tidy. Not only is it crucial to keep study material organized, but also living space. Putting in shelves, bins and hanging racks in a room maximizes space and makes everything easier to find.

“[It is] important to learn organization and be able to do things by yourself, like talking to teachers by themselves,” senior Suzy Powers said. “But also learning how to be independent and organized because your mom is not gonna be there telling you where to put things and making decisions for you.”