Stitch your style


Embroidery dates back to 30,000 B.C. making it one of the earliest forms of art. Today embroidery is used to design a variety of fabrics. Whether it is being used as a fashion statement or being used traditionally in cultures, embroidery is on the rise in the form of patches and stitching in the fashion industry.


The well known embroidered Gucci jackets incorporate the infamous snake as well as their tiger and floral designs. Since the release, embroidery has come back into the limelight. Brands, like H&M and Forever 21, adopted the style since it became back on trend. They design a wide range of fashion pieces at reasonable prices, so everyone can wear an embroidered garment.


Social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr display many users that dedicate their accounts to embroidery, so as students see the trends daily, the style gains popularity among peers. From jeans to backpacks, these items manifest an array of patterns such as flowers stitched into shoes, short phrases on t-shirts and patches stitched or ironed onto pants.


“[Patches] are important to represent people’s style,” junior Mia Holder said. “Even in the 70’s with artists like The Ramones and The Clash, they wore patches and buttons to make their style unique, and people today still make their own style choices by wearing or representing what they’re into. The best place to get clothes that are already unique and have weird embroidery are thrift shops, [yet] shop where you feel comfortable, and look for the styles you like.”


Since embroidery is currently trending, the different designs and patterns inspire unique ways to personalize clothing based on individuality. Add accessories to fit a variety of styles and personalities. The trend can be used daily, as the designs allow a variety of ways to style any clothing article imaginable.