Ryan Ladevich


Pam Hertling

Taking what it really means to be a cheerleader to new levels, senior Ryan Ladevich was both one to watch and one to befriend when it came to being on the varsity cheer team. Whether it was physically lifting them up in a stunt or just lifting their spirits, Ladevich was a key member of this team.

“Ryan is an actual angel from above,” coach Brooke Jones said. “He is always so willing to do whatever is asked of him. He is the most encouraging and [has] always offered a hug or a pep talk to those that needed it.”

For three years, Ladevich took the field for performances as the only boy on the team. While some may have handled this differently, he never let this stand in his way of making bonds with the rest of the cheerleaders. Constantly having to be around the glitter and the girl talk was never an issue to Ladevich.

“He handled being the only boy great,” junior Aubrey Wulfert said. “He never cared about that and became friends with everybody super easily. Not all boys could handle what Ryan did.”

Ladevich’s pure talent in cheerleading has not gone unnoticed. Early on in the season, he was awarded the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) All-American Cheerleader award when the team attended the NCA Cheer Camp at Lindenwood University. With this award, he was also invited to become an NCA Staff Member for future cheer camps.

“At camp, he would go out of his way to befriend other cheerleaders from different schools,” Jones said. “He would always be with the other male cheerleaders learning new techniques or skills, and he always stood out to me amongst the other male cheerleaders.”

Tumbling was a skill Ladevich was definitely known for when it came time for the cheer team to debut their routine at half time. Coming right up the middle with every performance, he landed each tumbling pass putting the crowd in awe. When he was not catching the fans’ eye with his perfectly executed tumbling, he was the backspot of high flying stunts.

“Ryan was an amazing backspot and he was always willing to try new stunts and tricks,” Wulfert said. “He is also an amazing tumbler and is just so entertaining to the crowd to watch him do his passes.”

Making sure each and every teammate of his was having a good day was always a priority of this cheerleader. Between his spirit and positive attitude to his fast flipping and stellar strength, Ladevich was an unforgettable member of the cheer team.

“He has a heart of gold and the love he had for the sport, coaches and teammates was something extra special,” Jones said. “Ryan really is one of a kind and I will miss him terribly next year.”