Vanessa Onuoha

From shooting nearly perfect photos to getting into Stanford, her dream college, Vanessa Onuoha can do it all and so much more. For years, she has pushed herself to be in the spot she is in now and is ready to show the world what she can do and who she is. Vanessa is a bright light in a dark room who will always have a positive message for others, whether they are a stranger or a family member.

“She is a glass half full kind of person,” senior Mason Bauer said. “She doesn’t look at anything in the wrong light\; she is always positive about everything.”

Vanessa is a bundle of talent with her ability to take sharp pictures, leading in her church community, studying and working in the Biomedical Innovation Program with Project Lead the Way, all while being an Editor-in-Chief of the Solitaire.

“Her best talent is her empathy,” freshman Sylvia Onuoha said. “She knows how other people feel and she really cares about people. She will always be there to support me no matter what.”

With her smiles, laughs and creativity, Vanessa is always inspiring people to be the best they can, though she may not realize everyone has ripped a page out of the Vanessa Onuoha handbook once or twice.

“She is hard-working,” Bauer said. “I do not think I have ever seen her quit anything. Everything she puts her mind to she pushes herself until she reaches her end goal.”