Abigail Dryer


Caitlyn Hertling

Abigail Dryer is a team leader and has accomplished a lot in her four years at West High. She has been a role model for many people. From her cheer squad to the choir, to even her younger brother, Abigail continues to motivate the people around her.

“Everything she does she does well and with purpose,¨ junior Alyssa Sutherland said. ¨I admire that greatly, In cheer, she inspired me to do better and be as good as her so we could hit our stunts, and in choir, she inspires me because she is always positive and helps me make sure I know what I’m doing. This inspires me to want to be a leader next year when she is no longer there.”

Abigail is a friendly face in the hallway that anyone could go to and she is known best for being herself all the time no matter the circumstances.

“She’s 100% the full version of herself all the time and in everything she does,” Sutherland said. ¨She is unapologetically herself even when people don’t like it,”

A couple of words to describe Abigail’s personality and work ethic is sweet and intense

“She has a very strong personality,” Sutherland said. “She is blunt, has a fierce work ethic and is concentrated on doing her best.”

Her work ethic in school and in sports has inspired not only her peers but her sibling as well

“Abby inspires me because she does sports but she still gets good grades in school,” sophomore Zach Dryer said.

Abigail will always be remembered for her fierce attitude on the field cheering and her strong compassion for others. Overall she will leave her younger classmates inspired to be the best version of themselves.

“She really has impacted my life greatly,” Sutherland said. “She is a strong-willed, heavily opinionated, hardworking, loving young woman that I’m lucky to have called my captain, my classmate and my friend. She has made me more confident in being myself in that having a strong personality aids in being an exceptional person.”

Pic creds: Caitlin Hertling