Hadeel Naser


Lauren Maynard

Graduating early can be both a blessing and a curse to students who will miss their friends and family as they move on. Junior Hadeel Naser is choosing to go through another chapter in her life where she will advance to more extraordinary things.

“Hadeel is such an amazing friend and person, “ junior Lauren Maynard said. “She is always putting herself second to everyone important in her life. She has taught me so much about her beautiful culture and religion and has broken so many barriers of some common stereotypes from the world.”

In addition to graduating early, Naser has a concrete plan for her future, choosing a career in Neurology in order to help others. This means she can shine her positive light even further and can save lives.

“I am so proud of the incredible woman she has become,” Maynard said. “We have known each other since elementary school. She makes me a better person, and [the school] will never be the same without her.”