Lacy Slezak

From racing in cross-country meets to playing the violin in concerts, senior Lacy Slezak is talented and highly involved in the school community. She is a Senior Class Officer, part of the Leader in Me program and has been given the Positive Peer Influence (PPI) award.

“Lacy was my choice for PPI this year, and I am not always the best about selecting students, mostly because I forget the due date,” orchestra instructor Daniel Mieloch said. “I made sure I did not miss the due date for her.”

Receiving the PPI award is not the only accomplishment she has made. Because of her kindness to others and excellent leadership qualities, she is able to earn high positions and other awards.

“She was elected to be a captain on our team for her senior year,” cross-country coach Andrew Lefors said. “She led by example. She worked hard, had a positive attitude, was resilient through hard times and never complained. She was a strong mentor to the younger members of the team and demonstrated the type of character and integrity any coach would love to see in a team leader.”

Slezak is someone people can go to when they are in need. She has a gift for helping and accepting others.

“She has always been so kind and thoughtful\; sincere and generous\; hard-working and persistent,” Mieloch said. “All of her qualities have made her someone that people look to for leadership and guidance, and someone who will then take that leadership mantle and do the best she can with it.”

Being an incredible leader is not all that makes Slezak so wonderful. Her personality makes her the type of person everybody loves.

“Lacy is kind, funny, hard-working and positive,” Lefors said. “She is the type of kid you simply love to be around. She sought to be connected to everyone on our team. You never heard Lacy say anything negative about anyone on the team. [She is] just an incredible human being.”

There is not anything bad anyone can say about Slezak. She is optimistic and has a smile that can brighten peoples’ day. It is hard to stay upset whenever she is around.

“She is always able to find the silver lining for any bad situation, then can take that silver lining and act on it so the best possible solution comes from a disappointing result,” Mieloch said. “That positivity and integrity has been a light in dark times and a brilliant sun shower in the good times.”