Ashlyne Hunt


Minner Photography

She lifts a room with her voice and she smiles when she talks, senior Ashlyne Hunt actively cheers for the school one night, and sings some fanciful jazz during the next. Hunt participates in many activities and has worked hard throughout the four years she has been at the school.

“I have known Ashlyne since the fourth grade,” senior Alexa Hedges said. “If I had to describe Ashlyne… She’s the most energetic person I’ve ever known and she’s always been there for me.”

Hunt is planning to go to college at Maryville University, where she will continue her career in soccer.

“I know she’s going to be absolutely amazing,” Hedges said, “And even though we’ll be 8 hours apart, I want her to know I’m so proud of her and that our friendship will always stay the same.”

Hedges has known Hunt for a very long time and has a particularly hilarious story that highlights Hunt’s colorful personality.

“We almost died together,” Hedges said. “Well, it wasn’t like we were really going to die, but we were home alone at her house. We were watching Paranormal Activity, I think, and apparently Ashlyne having cats didn’t even cross our minds in like 6th grade. So when we heard footsteps from upstairs, we both kind of looked at each other and started freaking out like we were going to die. At some point, we realized it was just the cats, but it was super scary.”

Aside from her unique character, Hunt also has a contagious laugh.

“Her laugh is so infectious,” choir director Beth Fritz said. “I believe Ashlyne is going to accomplish a lot. Her positive energy and her laugh will motivate anyone, and it is definitely one of her many gifts.”

Fritz and Hunt have known each other for three years now. She has had the opportunity to watch Hunt learn and grow. Hunt made it into the Jazz and Madrigal Ensemble, which is a feat in itself. To have made it her sophomore year is even more telling of her strength as a musician.

“Ashlyne has pushed through fear,” Fritz said. “She’s learned so much as a musician, but also as a leader. I’m happy to have met Ashlyne because she’s such a happy person who is kind towards anyone and everyone.”