Conner Hoenes


Conner Hoenes

From the bright lights of the football stadium to the privacy of his room, senior Connor Hoenes loves to perform and specializes in being involved in lots of activities. Hoenes has a passion for the Stars Dance Team, bowling and TikTok. Inside of school, he has many friends and likes to acquaint himself with people he doesn’t usually talk to.

“I wish everybody could have a little bit of his confidence,” teacher Lillian Myers said. “He has such a positive attitude at all times which is great.”

Being on the Stars Dance Team for the past four years, Hoenes has greatly enjoyed performing at football games. The Stars Dance Team is a program that combines the varsity dance team with special education students. His Stars buddy, sophomore Madelyn Small, has loved getting to bond with him throughout practices and performances.

“Conner is a light in my life,” Small said. ”He is always smiling and saying hi to me. He is very outgoing, and it is obvious that he is always willing to make new friends.”

Hoenes knows how to make someone’s day by smiling at them and making conversation. Anyone who knows him can see that he is an inspiration to everyone.

“He has made me a more positive and patient person for sure,” Myers said. “And has made me a better person overall.”

Hoenes is also involved in a bowling club that he attends on Tuesday nights. He really enjoys spending time at the bowling alley and getting practice for a sport that he loves.

“Conner loves bowling and is always telling me about his fun times he has while bowling,” Myers said. “He’s found multiple activities he loves and it’s great that he’s involved in so many things.”