Katelin Ziltz


Hailey Patterson

Katelin Ziltz inspires others, especially the members in Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). She has been impacting the club and its members since her freshman year with her good attitude and positive outlook. Ziltz is now the president of FCCLA and continues to make a difference.

“Katelin inspires me by being an amazing club president,” freshmen Liza Bowen said. “She is also very funny and a great leader, that keeps up a smile which helps us become great people like her.”

Ziltz’s encouragement and positivity has made the close-knit club members into the family it is today. Ziltz has helped make every meeting an adventure and a fun time that every participant can enjoy.

“While FCCLA is a small club, it used to be even smaller,” senior Hailey Patterson said. “This year we had so many more meetings within the club and many more activities planned thanks to Katelin’s hard work.”

Ziltz has not only been a leader but a friend that every member feels like they can turn to. She helps the underclassmen with advice and encourages everyone to keep pushing forward.

“I say the announcements for the club,” Bowen said. “I was so nervous and confused the first time on how to say announcements, Katelin helped calm me down and it helped make me brave,”

Ziltz’s hard work and dedication will be remembered by the club members. Along with that, her helping hand and friendly spirit are qualities that she will always be known for.

“Katelin is a great friend and she is always there for me when I need her,” Patterson said. ”Her ability to find a way to fix a problem and the way she makes everyone happy inspires me.”