Life in Luxury

From Lancome to Chanel to Dior, luxury brands have taken the makeup world by storm. However, the belief that paying more money for better quality is completely false.


Amanda Hofamn

While some luxury brands can live up to the quality, most of the time, there is a cheaper option.

The products that many makeup lovers desire are not as dazzling as the fancy packaging they come in. Most of the popular and trendy makeup tends to be more expensive due to the endless hype around the new releases in luxury brands. The quality depends on the brand and the particular product. However, there are drugstore alternatives for luxury makeup that are cheaper and as good of quality, if not better.

According to, a face full of high-end makeup worth around $577 looks almost identical to a face full of makeup worth around $77. There is no reason to splurge on overpriced makeup products if it’s possible to get the same effect from drugstore makeup. The quality and variety of drugstore makeup is growing rapidly every year according to Drugstore brands check all the boxes for the perfect options for makeup.

High-end brands are overhyped by influencers and the brand itself. In fact, the brand is the main reason why the products are so expensive; it is a status symbol, adding to the cost according to Sometimes the prices can be unnecessarily high, without the quality to back it up. Many times people only splurge on a luxury makeup product if they know for sure it is amazing.

“It’s not about the price of the products, it’s about how they feel on my skin and how they last throughout the day,” junior Abby Olson said.

Numerous budget-friendly brands, such as Milani, Wet n’ Wild, Morphe, Colourpop and more have created products that compete fiercely with high-end brands. There are hundreds of cheaper makeup alternatives that will not disappoint, unlike the overpriced mediocre luxury makeup products. The hype for brand named products overshadows how the product performs – and for that reason, splurging on high-end makeup is not worth it.