Valen “slay”

Loving the love holiday

A red heart, the symbol of the sweetest holiday of the year.

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A red heart, the symbol of the sweetest holiday of the year.

On Feb. 14, some choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day while others hide in a dark room playing sad music. But, there are so many things to celebrate other than the stereotypical relationship between romantic partners. No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s day is worth celebrating.

It is easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect of the day—cheap chocolates, cheesy pick up lines and the infatuated couples—but Valentine’s day is so much more. It is a holiday dedicated to love, which many of us do not appreciate enough in our lives. Love is not just about a relationship with a significant other; it is about appreciating what is around you.

Each love language is able to be incorporated into the day, in one way or another. What is a better gift to give or receive than a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers? If you are in a relationship, being with a loved one provides one-on-one time that may not always be available. Even if you are not in a relationship, spend the day with friends. After all, love is about appreciating what is around you. Show appreciation by taking time out of your day for them.

As the years pass, we all get more and more caught up in our own lives. Between jobs, activities and sports, finding time to spend with friends becomes more limited. We could all use some self-love. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it is necessary to take the time to show love to ourselves. It is nearly impossible to show proper love to others if we do not even love ourselves. Think about it, roses and chocolates will both be on sale. You could also spend the day doing your favorite things like having a spa day, going shopping or staying at home watching a movie.

No matter what your opinion of Valentine’s Day is, appreciate what the day has to offer: love. Love is something that we all should strive to cherish whether it be in a relationship, friendship or for yourself.