Throw Away the Day

Valentine’s Day should be stopped


Photo by Peru,

A heart breaking in half on Valentine’s Day, the exact reason why the holiday should not exist.

Some see Valentine’s Day as a holiday beloved by all. Some see it as a holiday beloved by only those in love. The truth is Valentine’s Day is a holiday beloved by no one. Between the false advertising, people forgetting about it and the agonizingly huge teddy bears, Valentine’s Day is a ridiculous holiday and should not exist.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for businesses to market and make the customer think they are getting a good deal. The signs that say 50% might seem like a good deal, but they are not. It is just what the normal price for the item should be, instead of the jacked-up prices that they normally are. With the high inflation, this season’s most popular item, roses, have risen in price by 54%, according to

The holiday of Cupid is made for people to feel awful. You are at work, and you get a reminder on your phone that today is Valentine’s Day. And you think to yourself, “Oh no, not today. They must have the day wrong, or maybe they moved the day up.” You check online for quick Valentine’s Day gifts because you know the restaurants are going to be filled. You run to the store—which is sold out of practically everything—to get a few crappy gifts and bring them home. She knows you forgot, you know you forgot, and it is a complete disaster that all could have been avoided if Valentine’s Day had never existed.

Now, if you are in love, that is wonderful. Celebrate. But you do not need a holiday to tell you when to do that. If you really loved them, you would tell them how much they mean to you every day because you do not just love them one day of the year; you love them all year round.

Arguably, the dumbest thing about Valentine’s Day are those overpriced, giant teddy bears. First off, they are way too big and ruin the element of surprise. You are at a nice, fancy restaurant, and you receive an expensive watch from your girlfriend, which you did not know you were going to get because the box was not that large, and there could be a multitude of things that could fit in there. When you bring out the teddy bear, oh wait, you will not have to bring it out because it is occupying the chair next to you, and your date has not only already seen it but has been staring at it since you brought it in. And she is thinking: “Is this what he thinks I want? Maybe he just forgot it was Valentine’s Day.” And now you look like a down-right fool.

Between the false advertising, forgetfulness of people and the obnoxiously large teddy bears, it is clear that Valentine’s Day should be taken off all our calendars and replaced with Extraterrestrial Culture Day. Because at least that holiday will not leave you with a depressingly large stuffed animal that you spend way too much on and will ultimately have to be thrown out because she dumped you before the meal was even finished.