Fresh Take on Fresh Mex

Going to a new restaurant can be questionable, but a review on an authentic Mexican restaurant could lead to trying new things.


estled in Cottleville lies a quaint restaurant, Salty’s Fresh Mex. Salty’s is an inexpensive and off the radar establishment. With only a handful of people who know about it, there is a short wait, which is extremely beneficial if in a rush or simply have a craving for authentic Mexican.

Atmosphere 10/10

The outdoor lights and calming ambiance make the patio a comfortable, laid back environment. This restaurant is perfect for outside eating when the weather’s nice. Not to mention the stylish and intricate wall shelving make it feels less like a restaurant, and more like a home.

Service 10/10

The staff is highly attentive, checking in on tables in a timely manner. They do a great job of making sure the food is out as soon as possible and that customers never need a refill while they wait. The simplistic and modern inside allows the staff to focus on everything the tables might need.

Food 8/10

Salty’s food is genuine Mexican with a taste to die for. They offer complimentary chips and salsa with options to upgrade to queso and guacamole. Salty’s menu consists of burritos, bowls, tacos and mouth watering nachos that will leave you stuffed. You are guaranteed to have Salty’s fresh mix on your mind for days to come.

Overall 8/10

Salty’s Fresh Mex is a comfortable and enjoyable restaurant. The friendly staff and spectacular service provides top of the line experiences. Although I enjoyed my experience, the food tasted better the day after, so look forward to those leftovers.