Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Pop up businesses around West


Photo by Corrine Waugh

Plush Bros founder Max McCracken poses like a classic villain with a crocheted bunny plush in the air.

Whether it be selling handmade plushies or selling energy drinks from a teacher’s fridge, there are many different entrepreneurs throughout the school. The reason for this is the entrepreneur class, taught by Michelle Brinker. Entrepreneurship teaches students how to start their own business and the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur.

“Each team creates a BMC (Business Model Canvas) or a business plan before they start selling,” Brinker said. “They have to figure out who their ideal customer is, how much it costs to make one of the products, [what is] their resources are, what the ideal price is, how they are going to collect money and how to deliver the product. Most importantly, they have to get Dr. Dreyer’s approval to sell their product.”

The class starts their projects near the end of first quarter and work on them until the end of the semester. These projects start either from a student noticing a problem, picking a fun idea off of a list or creating a new idea from scratch.

Last semester, one of the projects included handmade plushies, from the business, Plush Bros. This business sold crocheted plushies made by junior Max McCracken and senior Melina Statts. The idea was formed by McCracken who asked if Statts wanted to join.

“My partner actually came up with the idea,” Statts said. “Then they kind of tagged me along once they figured out that I could crochet as well.”

However, not all businesses are handmade. For example, junior Christian Berviller, senior Jake Cordes, senior Michael Kruse and senior Tyler Steinman are selling school spirit hoodies with the help from a friend’s aunt who runs a hoodie business.

“We were thinking of any school spirit things we could do and one of our friend’s aunt runs a hoodie company,” Berviller said. “So we decided on hoodies.”