Keeping up with the Custodians

There are many people who are needed to make the school run properly, but the custodians are often not noticed.


Vanessa Ohuoha

Each custodian has a different thing they enjoy about their job.


very day students sit at lunch tables, write on whiteboards and park on salted grounds. Many without thinking about the work that goes on to maintain the school. Behind the scenes, there are superstars who keep the school in the best shape: fifteen custodians who work day in and day out.

“Custodians are important to me because they put tremendous effort into making sure West High is a clean and enjoyable place to learn,” junior Melanie Lyons said. “It’s sad they’re unappreciated because they work so hard.”

Among the custodians, shifts are broken up into the morning crew, the swing crew and the afternoon or night crew. The three members whom students may be most familiar with are the morning crew.

Narine Ford has been diligently working since August 2002. Her love for the people she works with, students included, has been her favorite part of her career.

Sylvia Moore does not let her hard work get in the way of her having fun in her free time, as she enjoys playing games and going sledding. Having worked at this job for 12 years, she says that mingling with the students gives her a reason to come to work with a smile on her face each morning.

James Schroeder used to be a substitute teacher in the district but has now been working as a custodian for almost a year. This job is perfect for him as he loves to make dirty areas clean.