Steps to Graduation

Checklist for making graduation run smoothly

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Decline the schools you will not attend
By the Spring semester of senior year, most students have an idea of where they are going. However, there is a chance they applied and were accepted into more than one school. Give the school’s admissions office a call to let them know you will not be attending, so there is more room for freshmen on the waitlist to be accepted.

Talk about money with parents
Some parents pay for their kid’s college in full, but some students pay for college without help. It is important to bring up budgeting and the financial aspects of your freshman year so that you and your guardian(s) are on the same page.

Make a list of scholarships to prepare for your next few years
Believe it or not, many scholarships require at least one year of college so that they can track the progress of the student. It is recommended to be enrolled before searching for scholarships, especially when they are related to the field of study the student wants to go into. Make a spreadsheet or a list on paper of all the scholarships and due dates that you can apply for.

Check-in with your academic advisor
While most students breeze by on meeting their requirements for graduation, senioritis can take a toll on those requirements. For students in a rut, it is important for them to continuously check in on how they’re doing. Whether academically inclined or not, a meeting is vital for academic reassurance.

Plan a party
Graduation parties are a must-have for seniors that want to celebrate their achievement. A theme, party food, colorful balloons and tablecloths will help in the aid of saying goodbye. Make a list of people, decorations, food and drinks needed for the party of your dreams. You earned it.