Which Grad Party Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which kind of party you should throw


photo provided by pixabay

Have you ever wondered what kind of grad party you should throw? Answer each of the questions below to see which party fits best with your personality.

Group 1
Did you play sports in high school?
Are sports your life?
Are you an athletic person?

Group 2
Are you a chill person?
Do you wear flip flops and boots more than heels?
Do you love rustic things?

Group 3
Are you attending your dream college?
Did you get a full ride scholarship?
Did your parents go to the college you will be attending?

Group 4
Do you love nature?
Do you spend most of your time outside?
Do you love flowers?

Now, figure out which group you answered “Yes” the most to.

Group 1: Sports Themed Party
If the majority of the questions you answered yes to were from Group 1, then you should have a sports-themed party. Sports have obviously been a major part of your high school experience and would be a good way to say farewell to high school sports and hello to college sports.

Group 2: Bohemian/Rustic Themed Party
Looks like fringe and good vibes should be a big part of your graduation party. If the majority of the questions you answered yes to were from Group 2, then you are a total bohemian king or queen and should have this be your theme!

Group 3: School Spirit Party
If you answered yes to Group 3 the most, then you are really happy about the college you chose, and you should have your party dedicated to your future college and show school spirit.

Group 4: Sunflower Party
Hey, flower child. It looks like you should have a sunflower party if a majority of the questions you said yes to were from Group 4. Your party should be filled with bright colors and big flowers, which will make a great background for the perfect photo.