Synchronized Beats

The Connection Between Human Emotion and Music


photo provided by Kiersten Wise

Sophomore Ben Miles listens to music through airpods

Walking through the hallway, there are people everywhere wearing headphones and listening to their favorite songs. Music connects us whether in a positive or negative way to our emotions, according to This includes associating certain time periods with certain songs. High school is filled with many different emotions and music, students often have particular songs that they will associate with high school forever.

Bulletproof by La Roux

“If you can make it through high school being at this age, I feel like you can do anything,” senior Abby Robertson said. “It’s such a developmental stage in your life and you’re going to get beat down, but if you build yourself back up you can handle it all.”

Favorite lyric- “I’m having fun don’t put me down”

5 More Minutes by Scotty McCreery

“This song takes me back, it’s about growing up and it reminds me about the sad part of leaving high school,” senior Kaden Solverud said.

Favorite lyric- “Time rolls by the clock don’t stop
I wish I had a few more drops
Of the good stuff, the good times”

Hard Knock Life from Annie

“In high school, you’ve got your ups and downs, but eventually it’s a happy song at the end,” senior Eric Papuga said.

Favorite lyric- “Once a day, don’t you wanna throw the towel in?
It’s easier than puttin’ up a fight”
There are roughly 1,200 days between the first day of high school as a freshman to graduation. That’s 5,400 hours of listening to music, according to, so enjoy every beat, melody, and emotion along the way.