The Generation of the Internet

Social media has one of the largest impacts on the youngest members of society and it is a good thing.

Tribune News Service

It is projected that by 2020, Generation Z will make up 40% of all consumers, according to


eneration Z, people born from 1996 to 2010, has proven that the use of social media is a positive place for everyone wanting to share their passions, thoughts and ideas. This generation has been granted the opportunity of making their opinions heard with just one click of a button and they have been inspiring many others to do so as well.

Generation Z is a misunderstood crowd, being one of the first generations not knowing what life is like without the internet. Contrary to the Baby Boomer’s belief, social media can be used for positive reasons such as staying up to date on recent news or keeping in touch with relatives in other states, not just snapchatting and direct messaging.

“It is much easier to contact and talk with people [online],” sophomore Emma Fadin said. “Also on social media, you can keep updated with the world and know everything that is going on.”

Social media is a large platform with an even larger impact. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube are just a few popular applications Generation Z has mastered and used to their full potential. On these networking sites, people use it to share their personal life but more importantly, advocate for organizations and foundations that they support. By using social media, users can draw attention to groups in need and get others sharing the same determination to help also.

Social media is used in a positive way to raise awareness [such as] creating a GoFundMes to earn money for groups. Your voice will be more heard because a lot of people will see it.

— Fadin

Back in 2014, the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” became an internet phenomenon for a great cause. Supporters would post videos pouring buckets of ice cold water on their heads and talk about what they would donate to the organization. At the end of each video, participants would nominate people they knew to also contribute to the profit. According to, $115 million dollars was raised towards the ALS Association. These short videos were not only fun and challenging to make, but all proceeds also went to a great cause. Without social media, not nearly as many funds would have been raised and not nearly as much of an impression would have been made.

The most well-known con to social media is cyberbullying. This type of harassment has taken headlines year after year. But according to, a survey was taken by students and showed that there was a decline in student reports of physical, verbal and cyberbullying abuse. Also according to, kids are more connected to each other and sources of help because of technology.

This generation has a genuine desire to make a difference. Instead of waiting and hoping for a change in the future, these go-getter personalities are determined to make it happen. Although they are constantly pestered to get their noses out of their phones, they are paving the way for the future.