The First Steps to Destress

The end of the school year can often make it hard to keep up with self-care, but there are some easy tips to start of with.


Sami Bowlin

Even taking the simplest steps of self care can greatly improve health and stress levels.


elf-care is an important thing in life that many people want to focus more on. According to, taking care of the mind and body is needed in order to live a healthy lifestyle, often times, people want to focus more on but are not sure what they need to focus on.

“Self-care is necessary because it not only benefits your physical health but your mental health as well,” sophomore Addison Jett said. “It can boost your confidence and your overall state of mind.”

Sleep is key. According to, sleep helps to protect your mental health, physical health and safety. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, the body is not able to function correctly. Reaction time is slowed down, emotions are affected, the immune system weakens and much more. Staying off of electronics before bed, going to bed earlier and avoiding long naps can all lead to more sleep. According to, doctors recommend for teenagers to get eight to ten hours of sleep every night, however, only around 15 percent report sleeping within those guidelines.

“Staying hydrated is vital for getting through the day and it helps keep you in a good mood and feeling healthy,” sophomore Eboni Thomas said.

Drink water. Staying hydrated is incredibly important to staying healthy. According to, drinking water is crucial for maintaining the functionality of every bodily system. More water intake can also lead to better digestion, boosting metabolism, and the prevention of bladder cancer, according to

Take five minutes to destress each day. Something as simple as taking a few minutes to be alone with no distractions can be very beneficial. According to, it is recommended to spend five to ten minutes every day to engage in mindful exercises such as reading, meditating or breathing exercises.