Super Movie for the Superhero

Students rank which Marvel superhero movie is their favorite.



There has been a Marvel movie released every year since 2008 except 2009.


s a multi-billion dollar franchise, Marvel Studios has churned out over 19 films in little over a decade with 13 more on the way, thus becoming one of if not the highest grossing movie franchise of all time, according to Gathering fans from all generations, Marvel boasts of creating popular content that will last, and for 100 members of the student body, a select few are downright marvelous.

1. Infinity war

Avengers: Infinity War was awarded the position of the most anticipated film of 2018 according to A major crossover that brings together almost every Marvel character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a desperate fight to save the world. The cliffhanger ending seems to displease some, but with the second part coming out later this year excitement is again on the rise. With loads of action and the ability to have nearly everyone’s favorite characters in one movie, it is no surprise to see that it is a fan favorite with 50 of the overall student votes.

“I appreciate that the movie incorporated most of the characters of the Marvel universe,” junior Christina Streb said. “Not many Marvel movies have [that] and it’s really inspiring to see them all together.”

2. Spider-Man Homecoming

One of the latest in the Spider-Man franchise, this combination of effort between Marvel and Sony takes a whole new spin on the beginnings of Spider-Man. Instead of redoing the whole origin story of local nobody Peter Parker being bit by a spider, Homecoming goes straight into the struggle of being a teenage superhero. Adding in Tony Stark, playboy billionaire and superhero Iron Man, as a mentor figure for our youngest Avenger, gives the audience a refreshing take on an old classic.

“I liked how they made spider man’s suit more modernized and high tech than it usually was,” sophomore Kyle Frame said. “Because it used to just be his web shooters, but now he has web bombs and lots of other features that make it awesome.”

3. Iron Man

Captain America might classify as “The First Avenger,” but the blockbuster hit Iron Man was the movie that started it all. As the foundation for every Marvel movie to come, Iron Man showcases a brand new take on classic superheroes. Marvel Comics is all about changing the stereotypical superhero and Iron Man was the perfect way to introduce the Marvel world to the big screen. No powers, no tights and no secret identities. Just Tony Stark being himself as he uses his brain, money and ingenuity to create a flying suit of armor that will level any playing field. No matter how much animation and movie mechanics improve, the first Iron Man will be one of Marvel’s go to films.

“It’s simplicity at its finest,” senior Renjith Nair said. “[Iron Man] clearly shows how [Tony’s] character develops throughout the movie, and overall it’s going to be a classic for years to come.”