Winter Time Pastime

Cold weather can trap people indoors, but just wearing a coat can open up a winter wonderland,

Chloe Miller

Spending time with friends, no matter the season, increases your sense of belonging, boosts your happiness and reduces your stress, according to

With the temperature dropping and winds increasing, it gets harder to find fun things to do around town. However, there are still activities that friends can enjoy even in the harsh weather.

Coffee Houses:

A coffee house is a great place to hang out and talk with friends year round but especially in the winter. Drinking hot chocolate, tea or coffee on a cold day is always an enjoyable pastime and is even more fun when spent with some close friends. VB Chocolate Bar, Picasso’s and Starbucks all have a good atmosphere to experience.

Ice Skating:

While ice skating can be hard to get the hang of, it is the perfect winter activity. Bringing together a group of friends to try and survive on the ice is amusing and a fun way to spend a regular Saturday night. Lindenwood Ice Arena and Creve Coeur Ice Arena are well known for their skating rinks.


Bowling is an entertaining activity for any group of people. Numerous hours filled with food, laughs and gutterballs certainly top a night alone at home. Frontier Lanes, Harvest Lanes and O’Fallon Bowl are all close by and affordable. Though some places may be a bit expensive, the memories made will not be forgotten.