Cozy Up for the Holidays

An easy way to feel more festive is to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.


Seniors, remember to wear a holiday sweater Friday, Dec 14.

The infamous ugly Christmas sweater has been the center of attention at a variety of holiday events dating back several decades. These sweaters have transformed boring holiday gatherings into festive parties. They magically change serious conversations into laughing faces and create a feeling of pure holiday joy single-handedly.

“I think people should buy ugly sweaters because it brings out a fun side in everyone,” senior Jenna LoDuca said. “There’s one time a year you can dress in a warm sweater and bring out some laughter in everyone.”

These unique sweaters give a sense of security as they hug and warm people while filling the chilly December air with laughter.

“People should wear more sweaters because they’re fun to wear, and super cozy if you get the right kind,” freshman Ashley LaRoue said.

Although the right kind of sweater can be difficult to find when in doubt, one can always make their own to add a personal touch to an already funky sweater.

“I personally love getting a plain sweater from Kohl’s and decorating it at home, this time I found one that came pretty ugly,” senior Jenna LoDuca said. “Usually, I go in my mother’s closet and find an old messy sweater and decorate it, increasing its ugliness.”

Regardless if one makes or buys their ugly Christmas sweater, these hysterical articles of clothing can say a lot about a person. After all, one can always rock an ugly Christmas sweater, so everyone can enjoy laughter that is always in style.