Quik Grabs

Students share their QuikTrip go tos

For some students, going to QuikTrip (QT) before or after school is a part of their routine. QT offers a variety of easy-to-grab snack options, and the kitchen is available from 6a.m. to 10p.m. The kitchen provides a variety of different breakfast and lunch options to choose from, such as a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich or a pretzel with nacho cheese. Along with the kitchen options, QT also has their donut case, fountain drinks, refrigerated drinks and packaged snacks.

“When I go to QT in the mornings, I typically always grab a Big Q of Code Red and a cinnamon pretzel from the kitchen,” junior Allison Pierce said. “They don’t sound good together, but it’s my favorite early morning combination.”

Typically, students find energy drinks and small snacks can be convenient to grab to start the day.

At times, the kitchen may take a while to make the order, so grabbing something from the rollers that is hot and ready may be a better option for those on the run. Egg rolls, taquitos and hot dogs are all offered. Hot dog buns are stored in a drawer below the rollers that customers can easily grab. For the taquitos and egg rolls, bags are offered to keep them hot.

“When I go to QT, I typically get two egg rolls paired with a large orange cream drink,” senior Hope Oris said.

QT also offers a hot plate that has pre-made food such as single slices of pizza, breakfast sandwiches and macaroni and cheese all made from the kitchen. An open refrigerated area is available for cold sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, cheese and other snack options are there, along with bags of chips above these stations.