Creepy Contours

Those who enjoy makeup should take advantage of the Halloween season and try creative makeup looks.


Melissa Bardenheier

Senior Melissa Bardenheier dresses up for Coraline for Halloween.

During the month of October, consider taking advantage of the scary season and try out some spooky makeup looks. Dip a brush into those dark colors that have not been touched before or try a color scheme that fits the vibe of Halloween. Between costume parties or everyday life, this month is the perfect opportunity to dabble in the art of makeup.

“With Halloween looks, it’s one of the nights where you can go way bigger and better than you would on a normal Wednesday night,” senior Melissa Bardenheier said. “You get to dress up and be somebody or something you’re not and I personally think that’s pretty cool, although there’s nothing wrong with it, you just don’t see people walking around every day with a green face and a broom.”

For someone who is looking to perfect a costume, the final touch may be sitting in their makeup bag. Many eyeshadow palettes and other makeup products have more outstanding colors that are too extreme for normal occasions. These colors are perfect for this time of year.

“Makeup is kind of the cherry of the costume, you get an outfit or a wig and you’re just a person in a weird outfit and wig, but you throw some makeup in there, it tops it off, you tie the whole thing together and make it complete,” Bardenheier said.

When trying to achieve something more advanced, costume makeup supplies may be required. Learning this may sound overwhelming, but supplies can be found in any seasonal Halloween store, or even in a normal department store. There is a multitude of YouTube videos on all types of costume makeup, most including a list of supplies one will need before recreating the look.

While not everyone is a fan of the Halloween season, it is still a perfect opportunity to add some spice to a boring daily makeup routine. This October, try a few new spooky stylish looks to take advantage of the holiday.