Teeing Off

The girl's varsity golf team succeeded in having a record-breaking season

Maggie Krpan playing at the home course.

Aubrey Wulfert

Maggie Krpan playing at the home course.

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Five girls, nine matches and countless hours of practice led the girl’s varsity golf team to a record-breaking, undefeated season. In order to come out on top this season, the girls had to give maximum effort and come together as a team.

“Each of our girls accepted the challenge of wanting to improve as individuals, [which] created a very successful season as a team,” coach Michael DeYoung said. “[The] best part of the season is watching all our girls bond as a team which promotes a positive team culture.”

The incredible season led the girls to not only learn lessons as athletes, but as people.

“I learned this year that not just one person can carry a whole team,” junior Leigha Kelly said. “The ball is in everybody’s court. We pushed ourselves through all the matches and practices by just staying focused on the bigger picture: winning as a team.”

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