Best Places to Thrift

Connecting to past fashion is in style. Shopping at thrift store has become very popular


Amanda Hofman

Searching through mountains of clothes can be challenging but it can be worth it.

From the vintage over sized sweaters to old school shirts, thrift stores represent a shopping lifestyle that is undoubtedly unique. These recycled clothes may not suit their former owners, but others may walk into a resale store and see racks full of new opportunities.

“Even though I like to live in newer clothing, the best part of thrift shopping is buying things that might already have a backstory or sentimental value to someone else who didn’t fit in it anymore or never wore it,” sophomore Maisy Garrison said. “It’s fun to find clothes and wonder where they came from.”

While some students are practically experts at thrift shopping, many do not know where to go for the right clothes that suit their style best or how to find unique pieces for their wardrobe.

“Goodwill is my main go-to place for retail,” senior Cameron Sakuma said. “My advice when you’re there is to look through everything. If you don’t look through every rack, you never know if you are missing out on something you never knew you wanted. By doing this, you are not only exposing yourself to new styles but also creating new ideas and improving as you look.”

Shopping for vintage clothes is not only a fun way to expand your wardrobe, but it is also beneficial to society. Even though the classic retail stores are of interest to many, they can be damaging to the environment.

“I thrift because I’m trying to limit the amount of waste that accumulates on our planet because of ‘fast fashion’ from places like H&M or Charlotte Russe,” junior Kayleigh Leahy said. “The process of making clothes is one of the world’s biggest polluters.”