For the Love of the Game

The bond within the VJ boys baseball team grows with every victory and failure they have.


Ella Brown

Sophomores Jacob Turner, Noah Hargraves, Tanner Perry, Jack Standley and Jericho Badwan pose for a picture.


oving from the novelty of freshman baseball, but not yet reaching the intensity of varsity, the junior varsity (JV) baseball team has had a great leadoff to the season. The boys are competitive and eager to keep a solid record. After months, and for some even years, of playing together, the boys have grown very close in their friendship. The team has bonded over tarp duty, sprints, batting practice and more, creating a family-like dynamic.

“The JV atmosphere is great,” right fielder Jackson Pohlman said. “We know when to be serious and when to goof off. It’s a great balance.”

The boys faced up against Fort Zumwalt South on April 6 in a semifinal tournament game. The final score, 3-2, advanced JV onto the championship game. A solid defensive effort could be seen by Pohlman, who threw a rocket into home for the out and made a diving catch to seal an inning. The defense only had two errors and was strongly supported by sophomore Tanner Perry. Perry pitched an excellent game and displayed great composure, only giving up two walks.

“We are 7-4 as of right now, but when our offense gets going, we are going to be even better,” Perry said. “We are a talented team that plays with a lot of intensity which makes for fun games.”

The offense heated up with center fielder Jack Standley, whose speed was highly impressive. Standley had two singles on the day, two stolen bases and two runs scored. Shortstop Nolan Miller had a single and an RBI, comparative to catcher Harrison Buerk who singled as well. Perry singled and scored the final run to secure the win. The team showed great determination and teamwork, giving them an edge above their competitors. The comradery among the boys acts as a tenth player on the field.

“My favorite part [is playing with] my teammates,” Perry said. “It’s fun showing up to the ballpark with my best friends.”

Their ability to grow from one another and learn from their own mistakes will serve them on and off the field. JV is a time for development, and the boys are certainly taking advantage of this, while still managing to enjoy their time as young Derek Jeters.