Hockey Fan Meltdown

Fans can become extremely passionate about their favorite sports game. However, sometimes it can go too far.


Ashley Key

The school hockey team is not a school sponsored sport so there are fewer regulations on behavior.


uring the ice hockey state championships, more than one battle seemed to have been waged, as the student sections of both schools verbally fought each other throughout most of the game.

“Since we have a really big rivalry in hockey, let’s just say there was a lot of vulgar language being exchanged between both student sections,” junior Matthew Lange said. “It went too far because both student sections started bringing out the players personal lives and our entire section got kicked out.”

The tensions were high so when the score started to lean in the favor of Eureka, the chanting and trash talking seemed to get even worse than before.

“I do think there should be a certain way that those sides should act,” junior Lexi Landolt said. “But [since] the whole West student section was kicked out and none of the Eureka section was, I do not believe it was very fair.”